see-through cat tree

We started by asking ourselves if it might be possible to design recreational cat furniture to fit well to Architectural modernism or art museums.this simple idea eventually led to the current product's creation. The natural marble base, an innovative idea that goes against conventional design norms in the cat tree product category, was inspired by seeing a cat sprawled out on the floor of a house's entrance area, using the surface to cool its body. The overall tree design, incorporating high-quality, natural materials and a practical yet artistic approach, makes good use of each material's inherent characteristics as well as masterful techniques to achieve form that facilitates comfortable climbing for the cat as it ascends and descends. This cat tree is a reflection of our artistic philosophy and approach.


Designed to
feel your cats at anytime

This vertically oriented piece covered in natural wood offers a private space for the cat while serving as a decorative interior object that fits seamlessly with its surroundings. The spaces in between each cylindrical post provide glimpses, and thus convey the mutual presence, of both cat and human, maintaining a furtive connection between the two for a greater intimacy. As the axis of rotation is built in the outer structure, it can be opened like a door for easy maintenance. The Greek marble used for the base not only helps the cat regulate body temperature more effectively, it also provides a low center of gravity to stabilize the tree. As for the materials, they offer design and functional value while also expressing a cultural fusion between the wooden materials of the East and stone materials of the West.
Yoh Komiyama is the product's designer.








Hemp Cord



The masterful craftsmanship of Hida dates back more than 1,300 years. Carrying on the techniques and traditions of their predecessors, craftspeople in Hida have long utilized sophisticated wood-joinery to create buildings without the use of a single nail, and they actively integrate wood-bending techniques learned from the West in furniture production. These seasoned artisans, characterized by a deep respect for both tradition and innovation, expertly shape and arrange wood from the broad-leaved trees of the mountainous Hida region, which are usually considered very difficult to work with due to their large variety of species and forms.
Our cat trees are made from carefully selected materials supplied by Hidakuma Inc. a company that strives to create new value through forests, and products are built by Masaaki Ito, a master craftsperson who lives with his cat.


  • Product name

    Modern Cat Tree NEKO
  • List price (before tax)

  • Limited sale

    22 per year
  • Dimensions (mm)

    628 (W) × 628 (D) × 1,822 (H)
  • Weight

    approx. 30 kg
  • Country of origin

  • Materials

    Greek marble,
    Japanese hardwood,
    Textile by Kvadrat,
  • Warranty Period

    One year from delivery date

※Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to upgrades.

※Delivery of product will be shipped sequentially from the beginning of March 2018.

※Because of natural marble, there are variations in color tone and pattern.


¥1,000,000 (before tax) Limited sale: 22 per year